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Started my new job on Tuesday and got the early off yesterday which was nice! I went to see Dig! – a film that I’ve been wanting to see for ages. It was rather long – but seeing as it documents seven years of band hell (mainly) it was utterly compulsive viewing. It is about 2 then un-signed bands – The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

It charts the rise and rise of the Dandy’s and the spectacular near success and terrible fall of T B Jonestown Massacre. It’s actually really tragic in parts and I personally think TBJM were/are a better band. Due to lead singer Anton Letcombe’s tortured genius unpredictability the whole thing caved in rather drastically. It’s worth going to see. Looks llike TBJM are now back on track although with a different line-up from the original. They are currently on a tour of UK and US.

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