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We Are Family

Two years ago today I won an Award of Merit for a tiny black and white film I directed and shot with Super Producer and all round music genius Nile Rodgers. The film was made before Nile went triple stratospheric with Get Lucky and the rest, and then some! It’s a long story but I had the idea to make it on a Tuesday, Nile said ‘just do it!’ on a Wednesday, I flew on Friday, I shot it Saturday and was back home by Sunday.

Next month I am flying to NYC courtesy of a big new to be launched tv channel to shoot with Nile again as well as some other huge, established artists. It’s a total dream project for me. A documentary series about music and the nitty gritty creative process of music making, who people are and what makes them. Total heaven. I pinch myself and am keeping my head down. But actually I am so excited and chomping at the bit to shoot this and eventually share it with everyone. But for now you will just have to make do with this!

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