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Hello and welcome to the inside of my brain - otherwise known as the blog section. As you can see - being an early adopter of tech there is an extensive blog archive of assorted drivel and occasional useful bits of information that has accrued over the years. For those of you who don't know me , I am a Producer/Director of film and tv stuff, major music obsessive, I love glitter socks and going to gigs and I'm quite a good cook. Let's not talk about the government or the weather but listen to this instead - the trickly synth intro gives me a Proustian rush every time such is my love for old school electronic music and Human League! Happy hols kids.

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We Are Family

Two years ago today I won an Award of Merit for a tiny black and white film I directed and shot with Super Producer and all round music genius Nile Rodgers. The film was made before Nile went triple s


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