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Yo Shorty – it’s yo birthday (?? 50 Cent)


Hello peeps

I’m putting these up for Pod.

He is a great photographer and splendid prolific blogger. Lately we have been discussing British photographer Martin Parr. I happen to own a couple of Parr prints – here they are – I love them. I bought them at his 1997 Common Sense exhibition at the Rocket Gallery in Albemarle St in London. 100 prints tacked up onto the walls as they were – no frames – and all for sale. I bought the sandals one first and then saw the slightly

feeble lunchbox and had to have it. I went into overdraft to do it and had to live on practically nothing for at least two months but I’m still glad I did.

Here are a few photo’s I’ve taken myself that look a bit Parr-esque. Prepare yourselves for tipsy blogging ahead – it’s my birthday tomorrow (ancient! please no congratulations) and I am going out and therefore might resort to the cyber version of drunken dial – you have all been warned. xx


Nighty night all. Sleep well.

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