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Woop Woop Biohazard

Gracious lummy lawks! Where does the time go? Half of it has been spent dicking around on fartbook and manictwitterchecking whilst getting flu first, then getting rid of it only to infect ‘himwhosnoreslikeabison’ only to catch manflu back again – but MUCH WORSE this time around. Last night was spent in two sets of pyjamas and woolly socks and still cold, 8 sneezes in a row and then insomnia from really annoying X Factor Hallelujah songs. So don’t come to our house – it looks like this at the mo:

We’ve got the orange tape and everything. Oh it hurts to breathe. Such delirium has allowed/forced me to watch the following films today in this order:

Jezebel – Bette Davis Southern shocker Waterloo Road – fantastic wartime London drama Girls Girls Girls – Elvis looking sexy and fab costumes

The day started with Jeremy Kyle – which for the duration I started to feel much better and really stunningly beautiful and clever compared to the munters on parade with their selfish stupid lives.

Anyway – it’s more From the Basement tomorrow on Sky Arts at 22:00 – more shameless plugging but quite frankly – with no one paying me for three months and no job on the horizon apart from going into prostitution with the most fantastic Urban Woo what have I to live for?

Blogpoll: Christmas present for a 7 and a half year old – answers please: Is it a pair of guinea pigs or a Nintendo DS? Would I be the most horrible and boring parent in the world to go for guinea pigs? Would he wonder after 30 mins ‘where the real present is’? I have so far avoided technology apart from a Leapster which he was overjoyed with until he realised it was ‘educational’. Oh…I think I know the answer but everyone I know who has given their child a Nintendo DS hasn’t spoken to them in the last year as they are always head first in the DS…mind you if very big record co corporation don’t pay up by this week it will be a wooden hoop and an india rubber ball from the pound shop!!

And on that note – here is Cher with Half Breed (thanks to Namalee for enlightening me):

Sayonara you poppy little gypsies tramps and thieves!

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