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Got offered a last minute ticket to see Motorhead (more than brilliant), Foo Fighters (brilliant) , Queens of the Stone Age (bit shit), Juliette and The Licks (missed them – damn) in Hyde Park. For me, the main pull was Motorhead – big, loud noise.

We met in the pub first – there were an odd group of older guys next to us – they kept having ‘one last drink’ and then shouting ‘let’s rock’ really enthusiastically – I took a photo of them.


Then off we went – saw this man in the crowd – had to take a photo of him too


then we went here while everyone else went to join the eight mile tailback for as many beers that we could all carry


it was slightly disconcerting that you could drink water out of the chemical toilets!

We headed off and found a spot amongst lots of other people….


and this guy kept standing in front of me which got a bit annoying – until he moved


and I had my friends and a nice cute young man to my right


that’s the cute boy. I think I am old enough to be his mother.

Then we drank more beer and then yes! The dulcet tones of Lemmy came over the PA “wake up everybody you’re all half asleep” big roar, big riff, more beer, lots of leaping around


then he said “turn it up lads – I feel like I’m singing into a sock then we all cheered and leaped around even more


and yes, I kept my sunglasses on until I got home around 01:30

Despite my whiplash from too much leaping and my friend Michael having to purchase a lumbar support due to wife on shoulders I suppose the hangover could have been worse. Feel so much better today. More photo’s here if you want to see the really stupid ones.

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