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We Are Off To See The Wizaaaard!


I’ve put on my ruby slippers and will be clicking my heels at approx 14:00 today which will transport me to the head teacher’s office. The good news is that the class teacher called me this morning and said she was livid with the other parents and has put in a report to the head teacher already. It appears that my son was kicked in the back and because he got into so much trouble about what he had supposedly done he didn’t dare mention it. I also played hard ball first thing and said that if I couldn’t get a meeting with the head this morning then I would come and remove my child until the situation had been sorted out. That worked. Now I have to repair my suddenly edgy son who thinks everything is now his fault whether he is involved or not. Jesus, what happened to normal? Thank you all for your kind and helpful words of support. I am pretty calm but actually very angry – and it takes alot for me to be provoked. But I won’t get all narky and enraged – I shall maintain articulate decorum throughout. Concise and to the point. (Although I don’t think I want to talk to the potty parents ever again right now).

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