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Ways Of Seeing (now with fixed links)

Does anyone else see the word WANKER when they look at this picture?


Apparently The Krypton Factor is having a makeover and making a comeback to our screens soon. We used to call it the Cripple Factor in our house. In fact, we never used to call anything by it’s proper name – even each other. Anyway, I digress.

Wooh – did you see those shellsuits? Branded the ‘toughest show on telelvision – the quiz was hosted by Gordon Burns for its entire 18-year run. For the mighty comeback, its producers have promised to use “the latest technology” to challenge the next set of participants’ observation skills, intelligence and general knowledge.

There will also be a return for the assault course which has been described as “iconic, menacing and 100% entertaining”. Here is a little clip centred around the ‘rapid response round’ – check out the ‘specially-designed speed chariots’ about 2 minutes in. It is almost vintage Monty Python.

Someone on Youtube has commented that they thought the theme tune (by Art Of Noise) was the best theme tune on tv ever. No it wasn’t – it was this!

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