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Ugly DJ Syndrome


Now and again I listen to my local radio station – Radio Jackie FM – especially in the car for some reason. There is something really comforting and normal about local radio wherever you are. Radio Jackie’s main claim is that they go out ‘Live! From Tolworth Tower!’ I don’t even know where Tolworth is. I used to catch the 72 bus from Hammersmith to Barnes after school – the 72 went to Tolworth Broadway – that is all I know about Tolworth. Actually the real reason why I like Radio Jackie is because they play a lot of 70’s and 80’s music which always sends me into a reminiscent reverie of too much eyeliner, remembering boys I used to fancy and feeling ashamed at knowing all the words to songs from bands I purported to hate at the time (mainly Duran Duran). The other thing I like about Radio Jackie are the local advertisements – “Get on down to Ashford Aquatics! Just past the Middlesex Crematorium on the A326. Ashford Aquatics – come on dooooown!”

Radio Jackie FM claims to be SW London and North Surrey’s best radio station – actually I think it is the only radio station that covers that area. On looking at their website it reminded me how weird DJ’s look in real life. You can build up a great persona with your radio voice can’t you but in the flesh you might often look a bit of a shock. Why is that? Why are most DJ’s so odd looking? Jimmy Saville being the most extreme example…..

Bruno Brookes with his massive bulbous forehead, Noel Edmonds with his tidy beard and Janice Long with her utter fright of a hairdo. Did they all get dressed in the dark I wonder?

I nominate my Radio Jackie DJ Hairstyle Horror of the Week to be Mike ‘Mullet’ Hayes! Take it away Mike!

Mike’s on at 16:00GMT today if any of you are interested…

Who is your favourite DJ and why?

My only favourite DJ ever was John Peel. And Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman Not’arf. Bye.

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