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Thunder In The Mountains


So I went dressed as Toyah in her seminal Thunder In The Mountains video complete with a chariot pulled by four handsome white Shetland ponies and it all went rather well.

Actually, I’m reeling in shock from further developments. According to the teacher’s report, not only was the other child ‘difficult’ all day but the teacher witnessed her stabbing a sharp pencil into her leg under the table in class and then blaming it on another child. It’s terrible. Then she was seen chasing and repeatedly smacking my son on the bottom in the playground. Naturally, he was running away and got to the end wall where he turned, pushed her and then squished her into the wall to make her stop. Slightly different from an ‘un-provoked punch in the stomach’. Then, THEN it turns out that after school the teacher spoke to the mother when she got home to express her worry about the behaviour of their child that day and thought she might not be feeling well – El Barrista father later dialled 1471 and called the teacher back (who is ex-directory) and threatened her saying that unless she did something about the lack of care that the school showed their child then not only was he going to report her to the authorities but ‘spread it all over the national newspapers’ as well!!! That’ll obviously be The Daily Mail and The Express then? I was and still am flabbergasted. The headmistress is furious as of course this without doubt a school matter and not one that should be taken into parents hands without clear facts. So – to cut a long story short – the other girl’s parents are in big trouble and the headmistress even went as far to say that they were the bullies here – not the children. I have to say that I completely agree with her. If my child was a bully I think I would be the first to know and to do something about it.

What was even worse was that when I went to pick my son up later this afternoon the mother said hello to me to which I replied walking on the move an extremely bold but curt ‘hi’. She then came and stood shoulder to shoulder with me which was really uncomfortable for both of us because I chose to ignore her. I just kept focussed on the door willing it to open so all the kids would come chattering out and save us from this hideous situation. Another mother started talking to me and then my accuser-mum kept chipping in and asking me questions to which I replied monosyllabically. I had to. Here I was standing next to someone who has indirectly been bullying ME and making the most monstrous and potentially damaging accusations against my 5 year old – and what do you do to bullies – ignore them.

Anyway, the up-shot is that it is all probably going to kick off over the next few days as they have been hand-delivered a letter from the headmistress tonight. Me, I’m just being normal and getting on with it but I have to say after the last few days uncertainty and worry I feel suddenly really exhausted, like I’ve had all the life sucked out of me. An early solid night’s sleep beckons methinks. Thank you so much everyone for being so supportive and interested in these posts. I don’t normally get as uber personal as this on my blog but this time I felt I had to. Thank you thank you thank you – normal service will resume shortly. The Romo will be back in full effect before long. It takes a lot to get The Rockmother down.

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