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This Week In Munterspace


It is still my heart’s desire to get the word Munterspace (my rapidly catching on slang for Myspace) into the Oxford English Dictionary before I die. And talking of glorious Munterspace – this week my top friend requests have come from none other than flame-haired crooneress Carole Decker and T’Pau – the real Carol Ladies and Gentlemen. For some reason I find this absolutely hilarious. If there are any fans out there I have noticed that you can catch Carol and T’Pau (currently on international tour) here:

Lovely Pontins Canvey Island on 29th Feb. One of my other friend requests this week has been from none other than:


– or S.O.S if you want to have it spelled out in studs on a wristband as it is too long to go round otherwise. Here is a picture of when Gav (Guitar and Backing Vocals) met with Rick Parfitt of Status Quo.


I must say Rick looks a little bemused and his body language isn’t very forthcoming is it?

While we are on the subject of music, I saw a very badly mis-spelt sign backstage at The Brits this week.


A bit of a worry really considering this was a warning sign for a series of very big and dangerous explosive pyrotechnic rigs. Thank you to my great friend and creative partner in crime Cafe Del Nightmare who I relied on to take the photo on his beautiful new iphone because I was too lazy to take it with mine (not an iphone).

Things that have been bothering me this week are:

what is white cider? I assumed it was just a form of turps in a brown plastic bottle with lightening on the side to make it look nice. I thought cider was golden or cloudy? Perhaps that’s what happens when you drink white cider – everything goes a bit cloudy and fuzzy?

that I logged onto yesterday and actually commented on a news piece. I don’t know what came over me. I have joined the ranks of weirdos that write how pleased they are for Jennifer Lopez and her skeletor husband that they have had twins. Brain bleach brain bleach please. I will not do it again. Although I did quite enjoy the feature on The Bride of Wildenstein – now she is the munter of all munternessness!

Better go. I think I have said enough.

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