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This is slightly worrying…

Err…I know Bob Swipe does this much better than me but slightly horrified to find that some freak from the US gov in Albequerque is searching for British Adult xxx blogger and somehow was referred to me. How?

Domain Name ? (United States Government) IP Address 143.120.40.# (City of Albuquerque) ISP City of Albuquerque Location Continent : North America Country : United States (Facts) State : New Mexico City : Albuquerque Lat/Long : 35.0757, -106.6406 (Map) Language English (United States) en-us Operating System Microsoft WinXP Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1) Javascript version 1.3 Monitor Resolution : 1024 x 768 Color Depth : 32 bits Time of Visit Sep 2 2006 10:50:38 pm Last Page View Sep 2 2006 10:50:38 pm Visit Length 0 seconds Page Views 1 Referring URL….FP-tab-web-t500&b=51 Search Engine Search Words british adult xxx blogger Visit Entry Page Visit Exit Page Out Click Time Zone UTC-7:00 Visitor’s Time Sep 2 2006 3:50:38 pm Visit Number 13,503 PS: normal service and next poohcast will resume next week. Been working very very long hours and very very tired and got no time to do anything except moan, drink coffee, moan some more, swear alot, moan more, swear more, have another coffee, more moaning and finally going to bed far too late especially when masquerading as the real Olive from On the Buses with someone very funny being Arfur across a couple of other comment boxes on other blogs. Is that blog-squatting by the way?

Anyway, if any of you like quizzes (Mollster!!! Swiper!!!) – hotfoot it over to jifs – me and Istvanski have thrown in the towel — it’s there to be picked up and triumphantly held forth by someone cleverer (or possibly less grumpy) than us.

Working all day with Beck (yes – that Beck and James Lidell (Warp Records) tomorrow – I’ll report back. Looking forward to it.

Guten nacht my little fondant fancies xxx

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