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The Rockmother Magic Ship Special Podcast


Oooh the wonder of the bloggermusiverse! I have been very honoured to be asked to produce a Rockmother podcast special to unleash the new album Love Tel Motel by Magic Ship to the world. Do go and have a listen – it won’t disappoint. It also gives you lots of brilliant information like where to buy or download the album from because you will want to hear more after you have listened to the podcast teaser. Magic Ship are a four-piece from the Twickenham area of London and have had the collective balls to get on with it and write, record, produce, mix, design and generally do everything you need to do to get an album out – they even have t-shirts and a distribution label!

And if you have a yearning to hear and see the album played live Magic Ship are actually doing just that next Friday 6th June at: Ye White Hart , The Terrace, Barnes, London SW13. Bus: 209 or 419 from Hammersmith or Richmond Train: Barnes Bridge or Mortlake (mainline) 20:30 onwards band on at 22:00’ish

You can check out their main website here and here and browse their munterspace site here.

The podcast can be listened to at the main Listen With Rockmother Podcast Site or you can click play below if you prefer the medium of Divvyshare:

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen and a special big thank you to Magic Ship for taking the brave leap into the void of Listen With Rockmother! One, two. Two. Two. Two. That’s roadiespeak by the way.

Now that is my kind of motel. Cheerybye for now pop pickers x

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