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the eden project


Just in case you were beginning to think that I spent my entire holiday taking photo’s of people when they weren’t looking – well, I did. No, I jest. I had a day off from photographing weirdo’s and took my son to the Eden Project one day while him indoors went deep sea fishing. The day we went was boiling which made the project look even more exciting. It glistens against the landscape like a James Bond style evil baddies space-station. It is extremely well designed and planned. The people who work there are really friendly. As an educational tool it is brilliantly inspiring but you can also just as easily go there and ‘hang out’ as opposed to being forcibly educated. Here is a link to their main site. Oh – they have two restaurants which are excellent. Fresh proper food – no serious junk and all locally sourced where possible plus a bar for thirsty grown-ups! If that’s not enough to make you want to go – they also stage live music there – apparently Ian Brown and Embrace are playing next month. Pretty cool. See more photo’s on my flickr photoset of a week in Cornwall.

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