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The B-word


Well, this week’s word I hate most is: BEVERAGE.

It really is a dreadful word. It makes me think of vile, tepid instant coffee with coffee mate in it. Ugh. “Would you like a hot or cold beverage”? No I wouldn’t – I’d like a cup of tea or just a glass of water please not a bloody hot or cold beverage.

I wiki’d the afore-mentioned word of evil and came up with this:

Beverage was a rock band that played in the Boston area from 1994-2000. Headed by Matthew Magne, it included four incarnations in it’s 6 year history culminating in a a song heard on MTV Roadrules and finally succumbing to the aging of it’s members, marriages, relationships and children.

I can only hope they called their band by that heinous name as a humourous nod to horrid words.

Next Friday: quilt

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