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OK – now it’s my turn to give up. My third attempt at podcast 7 has crashed again at the last song and now I know why – it’s not me – it’s the aagghhhhh really trying not to badly swear effing sodding can I use the c-word – I’m sorry I’m going to have to – c*nting file. It must be bloody corrupt. It rather annoyingly stops being dragged halfway at last knock-ins and then sends the programme into hanging no respondo need to restart mode.

No no no no no! I can’t bear it. There is a part of me that wants to stay up half the night and finish the fucker but the other half wants to go to bed after taking a large mallet to the computer and then throwing the remnants into the park. Bejaaaasus! And do you know what’s even more annoying is that you would think I would have learnt from last time and saved it all as I went along but oh no – stoopid derbrain here forgot! That’s it – sorry guys – no more pod for a while…….as Ian dury sang so well – what a waste.

UPDATE: It gets worse – as an experiment I’ve just tried to upload the afore-mentioned track of evil and it loaded perfectly. What? What? WHAT? Oh I’m so cross. It’s not corrupt at all just cantankerous. A bit like me really. Meh. Boo. Hoo. Sniff.

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