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I’ve been tagged – not like Pete Burns on his new carcrashtelly show but cybernetically tagged. It’s actually the second time I’ve been tagged. The first time was by the very clever nevertrustahippy but it was so long – about 40 things you had to write about yourself I just couldn’t bear to go there. I’m quite shy really you know. Anyway – the also very clever and I’ve always imagined extremely elegant Arabella has gone and tagged me. I couldn’t bear to let her down so here goes….

1. If my shoes don’t match my handbag, I’m even happier.

2. The first record I bought was ‘Hong Kong Garden’ by Siouxsie and the Banshees and “What Do I Get by The Buzzcocks – on the same day at the same time £1.20 for two singles from Earls Court Road

3. One of the things I like to eat is: baked salmon in lemon and herbs with quinoa and spinach with goats yoghurt on the side – and beetroot!

4. A few years ago I considered becoming a mentor for kids struggling at school and/or homeopath

5. I miss the never-ending perfect feeling of the heatwave in 1976. We watched the Wimbledon Final on the tv in the garden and the top melted in the sun while we were eating fresh peaches and the juice was running down our arms. And sometimes when I see things of real beauty like the light in the trees at a certain time of day I really miss my friend Abbie and wish she could see it too. I’ve only just realised that it’s ok to miss people and that that feeling never really goes away.

UPDATE: I think I’ve done this wrong – I might have to do it again later – I just copied Arabella’s subjects rather than telling you 5 random things about me – derrrrr

1 . sometimes I appear thick but really I’m not! ‘Remember that it isn’t always the sensational stuff that writers are looking for; it can just as easily be something that you take for granted, like having raised twins or knowing how to grow beetroot. Mind you, if you know how to fly a helicopter or have worked as a film extra, do feel free to let the rest of us know about it.’ Over to Istvanski, Bob Swipe and Firsty

By the way – look what I found while I was looking for a picture of a tagged ankle – why on earth would anyone want to manufacture or buy these revolting boots?

They are on ebay by the looks of it if any of you are interested…..

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