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Shameless Self-Promotion

And why not I ask myself? I have recently finished producing most of From the Basement – a new music series which is starting on Sky Arts at 21:00 GMT tonight and after that will be going on a little world channel tour – Rave HD in the US and Japan amongst others. If you like beautifully shot band-led music shows, no audience, no presenter, no interviews, no rehearsal with top production team and all mixed live by famous record producer Nigel Godrich then this is for you. It’s better than Abbey Road, the Live Lounge or even dare I say it Later…. You can check all the shows and view previews of each show/artist on our website here. And if you like it enough – you can even subscribe!

New series coming out next year.

Any comments and feedback gratefully received. And if anyone loves it that much I may start running a competition on here to win a visit to the set on the next series in the New Year!

Here is a sneak preview of Beck – one of my favourite shows.

Sayonara pop-pickers!

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