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Shameful Admission a la Betty and Geoff

Cheadle’s finest clog-dancing blogging duo Betty‘n’Geoff started it. I have been mulling it over for weeks – the ten worst guilty pleasures in your record collection. I think I can do better than that – I admit that I own this little shameful little ditty on 7″ vinyl. I bought it with my own money earned working Saturday’s in a self-service supermarket in Barnes (London) called Walton Hassell and Port. It was next to Olympic Studios so we used to get lots of rockers in buying Kraft pasties and Primula spread. I had to wear a nylon gingham housecoat thing that gave me awful static. I think it was all the volume mousse I used to put in my growing out disaster of a perm that exacerbated it. Anyway, here it is – as Frank Carson used to say “It’s a cracker!”. And check out the boiler doing the high kick in pink metallic frock. Classy!

I think I liked it as my first proper boyfriend “Daaaaave” not Dave, Daaaaaaave looked like Nick Heyward.

Oh the shame.

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