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Roger Mellie Is Alive and Well

Well almost. The continuing saga of Jadedeathgate which once again has been uber-exacerbated by the Daily Scrote (no I won’t link to the Daily Mail because they are offal on the bottom of my shoe – find them yourself) has reached an unprecedented high in the slavishly cheap reporting of her passing. Here is an example of ‘a touching tribute picked out especially by husband Jack Tweed today’:


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? No I think I’ll compare you to a teabag darling. The card reads like a Viz Top Tip – who on earth wrote this? And it’s huge and looks like it has been made out of pink icing. Has the world gone mad? I think Jade Goody’s death is both tragic and frightening. I think she has done a great thing raising awareness for cervical cancer and has shown exceptional bravery in the face of her shockingly premature demise but that is what happens when you are dying – it gets ridiculously busy and there is no one as forthright or humblingly brave as a dying person. It sounds odd but when I looked after my terminally ill friend I felt both numb and privileged. Numb in the sense it all seemed so unreal and you could do nothing but accept the unrelentingly gruelling situation which was very tough on the psyche at times. Privileged in the sense that it was extraordinary to witness such strength in the face of knowing and feeling there is very little time left – the moment is crystal clear at all times, the moment is there like a big hand in front of your face. I bow to Jade’s honesty in allowing the press/tv to follow this process but I can’t help feeling it all turned a bit ‘Team Jade’. Is this the acceptable face of reporting now? Is there anything we don’t need to know anymore? I find that invasive and sad. I think it also creates a ‘them’ and ‘us’ divide in society. Not that healthy really.

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