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Puppies Needed


Good god – no wonder she lost the race – sack the stylist! Can someone please get Senator Clinton a bra NOW? Well Hillary could get her own bra – a Wonderbra and enter their new competition – from D to G or something like that. Harumph – a little sizeist for those who sport a mere B cup thank you…Anyway – I am surprised LC hasn’t written about this yet seeing as he is the bloggers boob man at large but I digress. Wonderbra are running a competitiion – anyone can enter. I did say boobs not moobs just in case any of my male readers were thinking this was their only chance for a long-awaited 15 minutes of moobfame. Get yourself down to 1a Leicester Square on 28th June. Once you are in you will be probably herded like a sheep that no one likes into various places to fill in a form about yourself and wait and wait and wait. Finally, it will be your turn to take your top off and have your photo taken – the emphasis being on cleavage. Yes – Wonderbra want your cleavage! Some lucky person will end up on huge billboards – a homage to the original ‘hello boys’ campaign as fronted by Eva Herzigova. This time it could be you (or me) or you (or me) or you.

Kiss my cleavage Wonderbra!

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