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Pray For Me – No Really!


Oh no. I’m all sweaty and panicky as I have done something really bad. You really all do need to pray for me and hope that someone else buys the camera that ‘he who snores like a bison’ is currently selling and has 2 hours to go on that famous auction site starting with an e and ending in b a y. I helped him post it up last week and yesterday he had a had a bidder. I checked it last night and bid a pound knowing full well someone else would have set a higher bid on it. Phew. They had. I checked again just now and bid another pound thinking that I would have been outbid. But NO. I AM THE HIGHEST BIDDER. NOOOOOOO. I only did it to help him get a better price and now it has potentially all back-fired. What is worse is that he doesn’t know I have done this.


Ouch, my feet are burning. Hang on – I might just check in case someone has trounced me (please, please) while I am writing this.

Tap. Tap tap-tappity-tap…..

No. Of course – they haven’t. It’s lunch time and it runs out in two hours and everyone will be Christmas shopping and I will be the winner! Aaaaagghhhh.


Behold, lo the baby angels are praying for me and you all must too. I was only trying to help him get a good price and it will be so awful if it all backfires! That will teach me. Right – I can’t take the pressure – I’m off out and when I come back I won’t be the winner. Watch this space. (And think positive thoughts in the meantime please.

UPDATE: So I suppose you all want to know what happened don’t you? I’ll give you a hint.


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