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For some reason I was googling worst mullet ever in an idle three seconds today. Why I ask myself? I don’t bloody know! the other side of my brain shouts. Then I stumbled across an Australian Top Ten of worst hairdo’s of all time as conducted by Braun in a telephone survey for Australian broadsheet The Age. So – please relax and imagine if you can dearly beloved and departed Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman at the controls and here goes for the Top Ten Worst Ever Hair-Don’ts. Not ‘alf you beautiful lot!

Straight in at Number 10 – it’s the Mohican – you haven’t heard the last of them yet!

Next up at Number 9 – like a fish out of water – that’s a mullet and a half mate – not alf!


Number 8 – can you hear it buzzing? It’s the beehive!


Going downtown the chips are definately down at Number 7 – it’s helmet head:


Straight in at Number 6 – it’s New it’s Romantic – It’s New Romantic:


Halfway to paradise in a back-combed Bouffant – it’s Number 5 – should be 666 – it’s a fright alright!


Just teased in at Number 4 – it’s the bad perm ladies…ahem…and gentlemen..


It’s straight alright – in at number 3 – is he straight alright?


A shocking entry – certainly not straight at Number 2 – crimped mate – oh dear – don’t try this at home kids:


Drum Roll

Trumpet Fan Fare

And certainly holding it’s own at Number 1 for the 37th year running iiiiiit’s The Pageboy! Everyone wanted it, grown men lusted after it. A stunner at Number One. Goodnight. Stay tight. All right!


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