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Podcast Roadshow Tourbus Appeal


I have currently noticed that this quality vehicle is for sale on ebay.

LH drive with original DDR bumper sticker: I bet that’s seen some Checkpoint Charlie action Engine: VW – 1.1 wow! In Car Audio: None – it’s ok Listen With Rockmother will be broadcasting forth live Comfort: None – we don’t care Safety Features: None – all the more rock’n’roll when you are taking a bend at 85mph kids Body: Bits of soggy paper stuck together and dried out until goes hard – classy

Look at that perfect ill-fitting nylon stripe – I simply must have it. Look at the really basic switches and orange brown plastic door covers. Pure beauty. Think about it – it is the perfect podcast summer roadshow vehicle – at a really awful seaside town near you. It is a thing of beauty and I am sorely tempted. Perhaps we will be the first ever entrant for Staples To Naples that can drive and podcast at the same time.

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