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On the way home……

I listened to a shuffled selection very loudly in my K reg


(not my charming bungalow in this picture!)

on my


via my


Leaving Wells Street W1….. 1 . The Rocker/Thin Lizzy ( No wonder he died – the energy in that song – you’d need to take copious amounts of drugs just to get through singing it – I couldn’t keep up – it rocks)

2. Paradise City/Guns N Roses (used to hate it but once I sang it at rock karaoke in Great Yarmouth which was above a dodgy lap-dancing club and I love it)

3. Welcome To The Jungle/Guns N Roses (going through Hyde Park got bored skipped halfway to…)

4. Living On a Prayer/Bon Jovi (by this time was in big jam on Cromwell Road at 11pm no less)

5. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This/Eurythmics (reminded me of snogging Rufus Sewell aged 15 (that was him – I was 16 and a half – ooooh) so skipped that too – yes – THAT Rufus Sewell).

6. Oops Upside Your Head/The Gap Band (Love it and also reminds me of doing the rowing thing on the floor – why did we do that? – at Cobwebs or was it Cheeky Pete’s in Richmond 1983 – christ on a bike! That was my batwing lilac sweatshirt and stonewash stretch jean phase – slappertastic)

7. Echo Beach/Martha and the Muffins (I was driving quite fast at this point through the back streets of Kensington)

8. Up The Junction/Squeeze – (quite possibly one of the finest songs ever written and I know all the words)

9. Race For the Prize/The Flaming Lips (don’t know any other song they’ve done except this and really like it – coming up to Brook Green at this point)

10. The Man Don’t Give A Fuck/Super Furry Animals (turned this up as far as I could without blowing the speakers – driving rather hard around Hammersmith Broadway at this point and thinking how much I love blokey that sings it even though he looks a bit like Howard Marks)

11. Susans House/Eels – (don’t know why I’ve got this on the ipod – got bored halfway, thought of their album cover featuring the girl with the googly eyes and skipped to…)

12. Been Caught Stealing/Janes Addiction – (hm – cranked it up again coming to Richmond roundabout – looked for tent lady but she hasn’t returned. The roundabout isn’t the same without her)

13. Ain’t No Love In the Heart Of The City/Bobby Bland – (a huge favourite of mine – if you don’t know Bobby Bland – check him out – I have him on vinyl too)


Noticed the unfriendly neighbours with the one year old and she who looks pregnant again but not sure – could just be fat that won’t shift – have a portable aircon duct spewing noise out of their bedroom window. Thought that was over-doing it slightly. Got further annoyed as the snoring boar was indeed snoring on the sofa when I got in – front windows wide open for all to plunder with the added benefit of the main light on so really easy to see what you’re nicking. Retired to the garden where it’s nice and quiet. No planes. Lovely.

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