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Watching how to make squirrel melts courtesy of excellent blog Cafe Del Nightmare has jerked me out of my bullygated fug I can assure you. It is absolutely staggering and I know you are all dying to make these tasty and nutritious snacks for your loved ones and school lunch-boxes abound.

I attempted a podcast last night but due to a few technical hitches such as the mic setting having too much effecty echo and further complicated by slight inebriation and hiccups – I had to abort the mission. Will resume later tonight. Yes, yes, I know I’ve been saying that for weeks but I really will I promise. There have been some great podcast efforts going on over at Bob’s place which has raised the bar oh ever so slightly hence the shrinking violet behaviour going on around here of late.

So for those interested in the bullygate issue – a resounding silence has ensued. I have been the model parent and not resorted to bitching or gossiping or turning my son against other children – I’ve just carried on as usual and been me. Mind you in saying that – I did have one moment but I don’t think anyone saw me and even if they did I don’t care. The Monday after everything kicked off I bumped into the wife of satansbarrister – as I was coming out of the classroom she was going in. A perfunctory ‘hello’ was exchanged and then as I walked down the stairs I said ‘bitch!’ sort of under my breath but audible to those directly around me. A wonderfully satisfying impulsive moment – I quite took myself by surprise as I hadn’t planned it – it just sort of came out on my out-breath. Now, I just feel cross – I mean look at all the fuss and disruption they have caused for absolutely no reason. Quite frankly – an apology would be nice – not that I’m going to get it of course. If I was as rich as all the other people that seem to send their kids to the school I would love to sue them – how dare they! Anyway – that’s it – carry on as usual and avoid them like the plague.

I’ll leave you all with the trailer for Elevator Gods as I’ve got lots of cleaning to do this morning – the house currently looks like we’ve been burgled – but we haven’t – we’ve just been really messy. I need some votes – would you like to see this on at the cinema? I hope so!

Ta-ra chooks. Be good and if you can’t be good be nice. x

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