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Not ‘alf!


and welcome to podcast hell. Thank you all for your encouraging and kind comments re: the last podcast. I’m really enjoying doing them by the way despite not being able to upload a bunch of tracks due to protection. I guess if I was an artist and didn’t want to be ripped off then I suppose I would do the same but it ain’t half annoying. As you will see I’m having to seriously multi-task these days. I’m half way through The Romo For Real 3. I started it last night but it needs some work. I wasn’t in the mood and sounded a bit like a suicidal Dave Lee Travis. Because I don’t quite yet want to be relegated to the dusty corridors of podcast quiet fm I though I would spend a bit more time on it for you my little pop-pickers. I’m trying to develop effects and jingles at the moment – oh yes – and I’m in talks for a very exclusive joint cast at some point in the future – so watch this space. If only I was as clever and quick as Bob – he’s up to no.10 now – bastard. I bet it’s really good too. And Billy‘s just about to release one – ooh it’s all gone flipping podcast crazy here! So – what else is going on in the land of t’internet these days? Well of course there has been an inordinate amount of space used up by people searching for girlwithaonetrackblog as I like to call her or variations on that including arsesex, fekarse, skinflute et al. Boring. Boring Boring. Yaaaawn. I think she should change her name again and write proper books. She can write well. Instead she’ll probably become a presenter for some hideous reality show – Sexual Deviant Island or an agony aunt for the The Sex Toy Channel (have you got a crowbar and some muscle relaxant? It’s just that I’m trapped in a woman’s body (old Victor Lewis Smith joke) ) or somesuch. Oh well.

I drew this the other day

then that person drew this of me


then I drew this


and then that person drew this of me


what’s the link? Apart from the fact we’ve all got wonky eyes and can’t draw very well.

Bye for now my little cherubs.

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