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No. There is No One Home


Yep. The above illustrates the state of my brain at the moment. Nothing there. Full of air. Nothing to report. Perhaps if I stopped commenting so much on other blogs I might get some posting done myself but no, nothing comes. I’ve been meaning to post about all sorts of interesting things but like a proper airhead – as soon as I have the idea – pouff! – it’s gone.

I’m sure normal service will resume shortly. Him who snores like a herd of bison is working with Amy Winehouse tomorrow. She has to be on set at 06:00. I’ve already put a tenner on her not turning up on time. Will report back from the front tomorrow – if I can remember that is.

Also – something I have been meaning to post for ages – does anyone have any idea how Arabella is? She’s been awol since Jan 11th. I hope all is well in Arabellaland. Lastly…..

Dilemma of the week: I’ve been dying to buy a new sofa for about three years. I finally bought one with my own money last month. It is a Robin Day Forum sofa from Habitat – a design classic and looks like this:

(not my picture – or my house – courtesy of ebay)

It is being delivered on Feb 28th. Trouble is – him who snores like a herd of bison went and sat on it in Habitat (as we weren’t together when I bought it) the other day and came home with a proverbial thumbs down to the impending delivery. He says it’s uncomfortable and looks like a waiting room sofa. I on the other hand find it supremely comfortable (I am only 5′ 3″ though) and nice to look at. So…I sort of mumbled that I had better cancel it. But that was two weeks ago and so far I haven’t. I was thinking about being really annoying and at least getting it into the house before I pretended that I had forgotten to cancel it and make a last ditch attempt at convincing the unhappy one that I was right all along. Oh such piffling trifles but I really am in a quandary as to what to do. The stubborn part of me wants to carry on regardless and brace myself for a raft of dreadful excuses and cross words on Feb 28th. On the other hand – I could just cancel it and get a refund and sulk and scowl on the old sofa for as long as I can muster.

See I told you I had nothing interesting to crap on about.

PS: anybody see Mika Ka-Ka sing live on The Culture Show at the weekend? He should have been put down – a truly shocking, ear-splittingly bad acoustic performance.

Right. I’m off now. Back with Winehouse gossip tomorrow hopefully. Oh. it’s all go here I can tell you.

Love The Rotisserie of Mo xxxx

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