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my supper


supper Originally uploaded by rockmother.

Foolishly passed on the ‘packed meal’ that was offered at the gate as basically it looked really un-appealing and I didn’t feel hungry. Then we got on the plane and went nowhere for about 45 mins. Very hot and boring. Finally got to Prague and main mission was to (a) find a trolley and (b) take photo’s of weird looking people – neither of which I managed. Got into a car which had “airbags disabled’ lit up on the dash and with a driver that had three pins in his leg due to attempting a wheelie on a motorcycle at 50mph on Prague’s main drag. Nice. Comedy capers at reception and finally got into afore-mentioned confusing room. Raided the minibar for my supper – half a bottle of Famos Austrian Red Wine and a tub of Pringles. Yuck – but I was too hungry to care. Now I am very tired. I know this job is going to be very hard. More later.

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