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Munterspace…I mean Myspace

Now you all know why I call it munterspace. There I was minding my own business on myspace music browsing for interesting tunes and then I get this:

hey how are you?i am antonio,guy from sevilla spain.i am 24yo. still new on this site and looking for some people to chat. do you have instant messenger?i use msn and yahoo. i dont have photo here on this site but i have webcam so you can see me on it if u want. hope you’ll reply to my message. bye for now:)

and he calls himself Naughty Tony. I have to say I’m almost tempted but really – he is almost as bad as the 22yr old gun freak from Utah a few weeks back who asked me if I was into younger guys because he was into older women. Thanks a fucking bunch Bozo! His listed interests were Slipknot (the WORST band ever in the whole world apart from The Doollies), guns, black metal, older women. So I wrote back and asked him what exactly had happened in his childhood that made him want to have sex or cybersex for that matter with older women? There was a pause of at least 10 mins while he obviously went into a blue funk. He then falteringly typed back that he wouldn’t like to say, I mean he didn’t really know and that it’s ok he doesn’t want to be my ‘special friend’ anymore. Perfect.

Vote for Munter of the Week here.

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