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Well, it certainly is Lost In La Mancha but to follow are photo’s showing the plus side of my job – not just the minus side that I seem to eternally winge on about. Yesterday – the Pyramids…….


shooting horses galloping into the sun….


and then today Cairo Khan El Khallili souk….where we caused near riot and endured three punch-ups due to disruption and not enough back-handers going round. This man however just sat and read his paper in the early morning sun…..


We had a big debate amongst the crew yesterday about the pyramids – how they came to be, when they were built etc. Everybody has their own explanation it seems. Our Lighting Cameraman was adamant that they are ‘alien landing sites’. He came a day earlier than everyone else and made a point of visiting them. He said that he stood inside the main one and felt the most amazing energy. Over the years, the ‘pyramid energy’ thing has been subject to alot of scrutiny and ridicule. I’m sure Fergie was once photographed under an aluminium pyramid in a velour plaited headband receiving healing energy……make of it what you will. Actually, we spent two days at the pyramids – one lining up and planning shots and two – actually shooting. I suddenly realised on day two that I had just rocked up and completely taken them for granted – like the pyramids…whatevah! They are pretty incredible and I am very lucky to have seen them – I wish I had had the chance to go right up to them and experience them at close hand rather than from afar. More tomorrow…….

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