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Kaja Whaaaaat?!

Oh dear – I have been so busy being busy and saving my backside from freelance penury that I clean forgot to celebrate my blog’s 5th birthday. How about a cake to celebrate? I think I’ll have this one:


Goodness – what was the baker thinking of? Anyway – what I want to know is why are Kajagoogoo are getting back together? Obvious – money. But, and there is a big but WHO would want to go and see them – especially as they now look like this:


I had no idea Grayson Perry was part of the reunion line-up did you? On the subject of reunions – The Specials performed a few blinder gigs earlier this month – I recommend you cast your eye over a great review here at my mate Ister’s if you want to feel like you were there as well as read some fine commentary on the very subject of 80’s band reunions. Some people unfairly referred to this year’s Specials reunion as ‘chicken in a basket’. What with Kajagoogoo and the like of The Nolan Sisters dusting down their burnt orange polyester cameltoe outfits I find the prospect of them returning more Iceland 100 Vol-au-Vent platters for a £1 if you ask me.

I’m not too shy shy hush hush are you are – I’m off to the Kaja Forum to chat to some real fans and find out just who on earth is going to buy tickets to see them this time around. I might just browse the Kaja Shop too for some fake plaits and white espadrilles while I am at it. I hear they are big in Germany. So is David Hasselhof. Enough said.

Oh no you don’t ladies! Keep back!

Spring roll platter anyone?

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