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It’s OK – Bob’s Back!

Don’t panic!


It’s ok – I am happy to report that Mr Bob Swipe has been found alive and well….rather kicking actually.

That’s Bob’s back on the right as he was welcomed by RAF Wing Co Cynthia Mallarde and Miss Tracy Catkins President of the British Heart Foundation Twickenham Labrador Lovers Association. Tracy Catkins rather thoughtfully brought a white cardie in case Bob needed treatment for shock.

All is now resumed after he lost his calliper on the way to the belt section, tripped and got rather bizarrely wedged between LP’s and Bric a Brac Corner. Bob celebrated with a pint of Twickenham’s finest Toffee ‘Buie Breezer and thanked all especially the industrial winch team that helped to dislodge the prosthesis.

You can listen to and buy his album here – it’s really very bloody good. No doubt the next one might be a concept number based on this week’s traumatic events!

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