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Is It Just Me?


Is it just me being a bit over-sensitive or do other people feel a bit left out when they have been a regular reader and commenter of someone elses blog for a considerable length of time and for some reason you just don’t seem to make their blogroll. Ever. You watch other readers come and go and yet – they make the blogroll but you don’t. Does it actually matter? Is it just an oversight? Or is it personal? Does blogging just bring out the insecure in all of us at some point?

I’ve been pondering this quite a bit of late as each time I comment on a certain blog I get a pang of feeling unwelcome – but I don’t know why. And then I thought – am I just being paranoid? Am I actually ridiculously pathetic and should stop bothering myself with this forthwith! Is there some form of blogrollers etiquette that I should be aware of? Ie: am I not on their blogroll because even though I comment on their blog I don’t qualify for the blogroll as they don’t read mine. The thing that irks me a little is that they are on my blogroll so you think they would reciprocate?

That reminds me – I must update my blogroll! You see – maybe it’s not personal at all – just slack on their part and awfully over-dramatic on mine? Apologies to all my commenters and readers that aren’t currently on my blogroll…and for my current state of woedom.

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