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I’m Wicked and I’m Laaaaaaaazy

A short quiz as inspired by having to endure T’Pau on the radio the other day. I swear Carol Decker is stalking me – she just won’t take no for an answer and is still wanting to be my friend on Munterspace. What does she want – China in her hand? Anyway – before I start doing an impression of Microdwarf Simon Amstell

Who/which band is the odd one out…and why?







I have been a bit diverted by commenting rather than posting lately – I have thought of many things to post like how much I have been enjoying the rather marvellous Electric Roulette. Go, see, hear, read, watch, learn, listen. They even wore their fingers numb and bleeding scouring the internet for this: Iggy and the Stooges ‘doing’ Madonna at the Hall of Fame ceremony the other week. I have to say – not everyone’s cup of tea but quite frankly had I been there I would not have been able to contain myself. I would have leaped atop my hosts table, started ripping at my clothes and generally inciting all and sundry to join in and behave with great badness. Even Madonna sat there like a dork – a shocking waste of a performance if ever I saw one. She should have at least tried to move one of her heavily botoxed eyelids. Feel something! Feel something Iggy rasped as a line of elderly record executives looked on in horror and frantically popped another Ambien.

Talking of great music I went to see Supergrass at the Roundhouse last Friday. I can’t post a proper Rockmother Review as I drank so much champagne and vodka the larger detail is still missing but when it comes back in some sort of coherent form I will. All I can say is that they were absolutely brilliant, loud, in time and generally on faultless form. I fear I may have cracked a rib jumping up and down too much and attempted to breakdance at the backstage aftershow party and I might have taken Gaz’s kebab home by mistake and left it in the back of an Addison Lee cab (sorry Gaz) but you know – that’s what it is like in the rock and roll fast lane. Look out for Glange Fever – the Chas Harrison Rokumentary to accompany the forthcoming Diamond Hoo Ha album release – you can see the trailer here as shot and edited by none other than my eater algo Mr Cafe Del Nightmare.

Wow is that the time? I really must be going but before I do – my old college friend Steve who is something of a genius clever cyber uber overlord and is always getting asked his opinion on stuff like the internet and often more complicated things like how do you widgify that into a host-based online multistreamlined creational environment? In his own words he can ‘state the total cost of a job during a pitch without laughing, proofread a Powerpoint presentation on a moving escalator, get a smile from the snootiest Venture Capital receptionist in Mayfair and divine the secret purpose of a digital strategy using only instant coffee and a pencil’. Added to which he has come up with the great invention of Speechification and Watchification – both a sort of diagonal slice through the output of Radio 4 (and various other speech radio stations delivered as a podcast) and BBC TV respectively. Watchification are making regular selections from the BBC’s new streaming iPlayer. By the wonders of ’embedding’ you can watch the video direct at Watchification without having to wade through the Windows only iplayer format. An interesting amalgam of distributing a ‘best of’ selection in a completely user friendly way. You can even follow on Twitter and tell your friends.

Miaow. And look what the cat dragged in! Sayonara until next time my little love kittens xx

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