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I’m Justified And I’m Ancient


There are alot of things I’ve wanted to write about this week – namely bionic eye research, teenagers, and effing Mika but instead you can just check all the links as I can’t be bothered to go into it all in detail! In a nutshell – there has been a huge scientific leap for mankind in pixel implants for partially sighted people. The initial results are as encouraging as they are interesting. Click on the link above to find out more or go to the rather splendid Cafe Del Nightmare for a proper appraisal. Onto teenagers – I wish the politicians would stop pontificating and resign/go away/do something useful for a change. Yet again – another legacy of Thatcher and no one having enough time or respect for the kids if you ask me. Don’t get me started – I’m saving up a huge essay for a future serious post. And deservedly lastly – fucking Mika. Why oh why is that talentless little upstart still at Number One? An absolute load of regurgitated poo. I wish he would go away and never come back. Ghastly in the extreme. Anyone who thinks retro re-hashed Queen meets Scritti Politti meets Leo Sayer is good should go and have their head examined. Sugary, impotent, badly executed excuse for pop in it’s weakest form. Blaaaarrgh.

Horror of horrors I’ve been tagged for two, yes two more memes. Boo hoo – me no like, don’t make me I’ll be good I promise…(more crying and boob-squeezing). Blogging is far too revealing as it is without having to remove even more layers and show it like it is. The ‘phwoar!’ Jools (as Bob Swipe likes to refer to her) in her comfy pants tagged me to put up a photo of where I blog. Well, mainly the kitchen table with clothes and alot in bed with no clothes and sometimes from Eastern European subtlerip-offwhorebars in Soho at 2 in the morning with my eater-algo – only once – see a renowned November 2006 post for that little extravaganza. Anyway, if I can be bothered to charge up the battery on the camera today – I will post some pictures obviously with the squarey pixel things covering the bits most people shall not and would not want to see like my naked knees for example. Excellent. (That’ll get the site counter surging!).

What was the other meme I was nominated for by Realdoc, Jools and The Whales I think- oh yeah – 7 things I wanted to be and 7 thing’s I’ve been:

Wanted to be: 1. Actress 2. Producer 3. In a band 4. Developmental Psychologist 5. Writer 6. Archaeologist 7. Stand-up Comedian (for about 24 hours)

Been: 1. Shop Assistant 2. Waitress 3. Voluntary HIV Charity Fundraiser 4. Film/TV Runner 5. Film/TV PA/Production Manager 6. Film/TV Producer 7. Starting out Director (Docs)

And now – all don your scuba gear and dive over to this place where there is a great piece on the KLF. A-gents of Mu Mu! Yeah yeah. Whoahahoahuh Mu Mu Land.

Tara for now.

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