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Here is a beautiful and fairly addictive I Ching poem generator – thanks to cafe del nightmare for this.

Click here for the latest podcast!

Enjoy! There will be another one soon – this one was done in rather a rush and from my bed consequently the choice of music was rather random and was accompanied by half asleep ramblings from myself and probably too much rustling of duvet.

I am now very

Back next week – am off to a wedding – I will probably want this place


to be open by tomorrow morning when I no doubt wake up with a hangover of some description and will be in need of medical assistance. I will probably miss breakfast at the B&B and have to sneak out at lunchtime – or – stumble down rather dishevelled lured by the smell of fried bread and kippers just as they are clearing away the last egg-smeared doily. I will no doubt be told I can only have what’s left of the variety pack (all bran then) or cold toast as the kitchen is now getting ready for a straining, over-laden coachload of oaps for lunch at 11.30.

Now I’ve got to go and sort out my outfit. Must dash!

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