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Here’s One For Dickley


Stop Press: see here for Bazzer Badness! “This mum’s favourite crooner has a reputation as a ladies man, but one male reader got rather friendly with him while cottaging in Sheffield bus station. The young chap asked, “You’re taking a bit of a risk, aren’t you? The Vegas star’s reply? “Who the fuck would believe you if you told them?”

Let’s hope…He made it through the rain He kept his world protected He made it through the rain He kept his point of view He made it through the rain And found himself respected By the others whoooooo Got rained on toooooooo And made it throughhhhhhhhh

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Two years ago today I won an Award of Merit for a tiny black and white film I directed and shot with Super Producer and all round music genius Nile Rodgers. The film was made before Nile went triple s


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