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Heaven Knows I’m Chrismerable Now!

Well no not really – but I quite like singing that instead of the real version – better than singing all or one of the three versions of Hallelujah that has given me insomnia for the last three days. Finally the manflu, ladyflu and minimanflu has abated. I was very organised despite being on death’s door. The tree was up on Dec 5th. See picture of tree – it is an alternative to the usual.


The cards were posted two weeks ago. It’s just that I forgot accidently on purpose to get the parsnips as quite frankly they are the devil’s food! So I apologise to my Christmas guests but there are lots of other vegetables to eat so don’t worry. My signature tipple of tomorrow will be Prosecco with pomegranate – I shall have one for and toast each and everyone of you my glorious blogfriends. Lots of love and chin chin xx

PPS: I rather un-Christmasly but with huge satisfaction called a teenager a lumbering idiot in Primark today as she slumpered into my changing cubicle that was most obviously occupied – then I spent the next ten minutes silently giggling to myself. No – I will not be going to heaven but we knew that anyway.

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