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God of The Pops


Alan Freeman – distinctive sounding and iconic DJ has died after a long battle with arthritis. He was 79. His voice and jingles not only defined my childhood but my adolescenthood too. Without fail I would always tune into his show. The best bit was his countdown – he made it sound so exciting. He was a proper DJ.

Freeman commonly known as ‘Fluff’ because of his penchant for woolly jumpers was apparently John Peel’s favourite DJ. I can see why John Peel liked Freeman. For a start – they were quite similar in character – obssessive about music and underneath it all quite shy. Neither of them realised how popular and liked they were and both would have been surprised by the vast amount of tributes in their death.

Alan Freeman was an era and now that era has gone. Long live Fluff. Not ‘arf. Click here for his pick of the pops

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If the links don’t work – then try this – it’s great:

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