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Wow. The power of Flickr – or just the internet in general. Some months ago I donated a Flickr pro account to a recipient of my choice. I chose ‘Hotjeans‘ or ‘Riz’ as he is otherwise known – a photographer based in Pakistan. I stumbled across his photo’s one day and really liked them. He sent me an incredibly grateful note back and then didn’t post any photo’s for months.

I e mailed him a few weeks ago as I wondered if something was wrong? I got this reply today. The power of the internet is an amazing thing. His life sounds really stressful and the e mail made me feel a bit sad mainly because it was so honest. Here it is:

hi rock mom,

i’ve been busy, mid life crisis i guess, loads of ups n down, accidents, illness, happines, u name it, i’ve been through a lot lately and have been mentally psyched out and physially exhausted. i miss the days when i used to roam around like a bee and take pictures of everything / anything. i have ste up my own phtoo studio (in my house) and have been shooting my friends / colleagues (i just completed a short course in fashion photography) and now i’d be going to weddigns and also doing bridal shoots too hopefully. plus i work too. i have a job at a call center that tires one up like what cant be explained in words, so yeah i make loads of efforts to survive. i have loans to pay and also gather money to get married soon, maybe if i could find a girl. this month i turn 31, so it’s all happening with me and sometimes i feel i have no clue where i am headed – i feel so lost. but i do vehemently feel guilty for not posting photos on the flickr site. some days ago some woman from a radio show contacted me coz she liked my pics and they wanted to do a report on pakistan. i just didnt have enough time to reply. would u believe i dont even have time to sleep these days. i assure you i do plan on coming back, meaning i will definitely be working on my flickr site – there are some delays yeah but certainly no full stop.

right now i am at work and have loads of calls in queue so i will get back to you later. i thank you for being so caring. sorry i didnt ask how life is goign on at your end. oh and where in uk are you anyway ?

take care, wish you the best of everythign in life.


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