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For Piley – Sluts In Leotards

There was a small discussion on the last post about the merits of Legs and Co or Hot Gossip – well quite frankly I feel Hot Gossip win hands down! You can’t go wrong with a bit of strutting suggestively in a high-cut leotard. So because I know Piley really wants to see some Hot Gossip – here they are:

Believe it or not – Hot Gossip recorded an album in the early 80s titled Geisha Boys and Temple Girls produced by the former Human League and then current Heaven 17 member Martyn Ware. The album was an unmitigated commercial failure. The group was once spoofed on The Benny Hill Show as “Hot Gossamer”. A few real-life former Hot Gossip dancers went on to appear on the Benny Hill show in its last fading years as part of the Hill’s Angels dance troupe.

Oh the shame.

Which one was your favourite? Everyone always swooned over Peri Lister and Debbie Ash although my favourite was Carol Fletcher. You see – I know all the names!

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