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For Istvanski – Warning: this contains the c-word!

Continuing The Damned theme as part of my tribute to their colourful see-saw of 30 years in music. Here’s a classic piece of Captain Sensible at his most rude (apart from weeing on the audience at the beginning of the previous clip in case you hadn’t noticed). I lost a better version of this particular clip a few months ago which was the un-edited version (it got kicked off youtube for bad violence/language) which included him going quite wild with the mic stand at the beginning and lashing out at the dumbly agog US crowd who just didn’t know what had come to town and hit them (apart from a very heavy mic stand about the ears of course). The thing I like about this piece of footage is that he is so angry (and prob a little inebriated) but just picks up the song without warning and then plays the most magnificent solo. The man’s a bloody genius. Love him hate him – I’ve always admired him. And in a really childish way I find his treatment of the audience absolutely hilarious. It’s vintage Sensible gold. Don’t watch it if you don’t like bad language.

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