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for all you sham fans out there


jimmy Originally uploaded by rockmother.

Here is an extremely old picture of Jimmy Pursey – the Scarlet Pimpernel of Punk (he describes himself as that not me!) for all you die hard Sham fans. Update on my doc. Well, he decided to retrieve his paintings from the Hed Gallery Brighton last Friday AT the private view. Nice touch.

Apparently the curator had not thought to include all of them so Jimmy decided to put a stop to it Pursey style and with a great flourish no doubt. Paintings and Pursey were both seen at the pub next door for the rest of the evening. I spoke to him tonight and he said he will re-enact it for me next week…when we go to shoot him headlining at The Dome Morecambe next Friday as part of Holidays In The Sun Wasted Festival. We are filming on the road with Sham 69. We are probably going to camp just for the hell of it. Hopefully we will be up-wind of the river of punk cider-puke which no doubt will be flowing freely come Saturday morning.

My partner being mainly a jazz and funk enthusiast thinks I am having a mid-life crisis but is getting used to the music that I have been playing alot and quite loudly lately. Mainly a selection of Sham, The Slits, Poison Girls, UK Subs, The Adverts, Subway Sect, Black Flag, Johnny Thunders, The Buzzcocks,The Ramones, The Damned, The Clash, The Sex Pistols – oh, and John Cooper Clark who warrants a documentary all to himself. I’m working on it.

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