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Far Out!


intensive! Originally uploaded by rockmother.

If anyone is reading this blog which I’m sure they are not as I do note pop-pickers that not one of you has offered to help me with my wireless predicament. It’s really easy – it’s just that I can’t do it. Oh alright – £150 cash then but no more. At this rate – perhaps I will end up here?

Can anybody actually explain what ‘intensive day care’ is? I have visions of earnest care-workers dealing with elderly people in a really tortured, intense way. ‘Ok – cup of tea? I said cup of tea? It’s really hot it’s really hot – quick – drink it . That’s it DRINK. Ohmygod you’ve burnt your tongue. Ok. That’s it. Everybody out, everybody out.

Bless the Richmond Social Services and Housing Team for coming up with that sign. Is it different from the normal Day Care Centre I wonder? What do you do at a Day Care Centre anyway? My granny used to go to one to help look after all the ‘old boys’. Most of them were younger than her. Maybe she was looking for a septegenarian toyboy? Intense.

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