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Evil Sai Baba


Hurray – I have managed to make someone cross on Flickr. In Oct 2005 I discovered this on my street – a long way away from one of (evil) Sai Baba’s ashrams. I have often wondered how it fluttered its way to a drizzly, dank pavement in South West London. An acquaintance of mine lived in one of Sai Baba’s ashrams for over a year and tried to get her sister and I to accept some Sai Baba’s ‘healing powder’ that supposedly comes from his fingers. The said powder was subject to a thorough chemical investigation and was found to be none other than chalk dust! Added to which, there was a great documentary about Sai Baba a year or so ago – he is a charlatan and possible paedophile despite the fact he has done good work for the poor (and is a multi-millionaire with a fleet of jets to boot). He brings a new meaning to ‘untouchable’ in modern day India. There have been numerous attempts to assassinate him but most have been killed or injured in the process. A testament to how protected he is from those who are trying to expose him for what he really is.

Wolfspirit 1232 doesn’t quite seem to agree with me – he/she/wolfspirit comments via my flickr:

Sai Baba is the best, both my parents went to him, and my father was very sceptical about it, but now he believes it too. Sai Baba came closeby and he felt the energies of Sai Baba he said.

And he is not a paedophile, omg.

Well Wolfspirit perhaps your parents were lucky. See here for more information on this dangerous cult leader who enjoys close ties with government and the police. Most who attempt to expose him (pardon the pun) for who he really is are repeatedly beaten, intimidated or killed. His ‘miracles’ producing cheap watches or jewellery out of thin air have been proven to be ‘sleight of hand’ – nothing more advanced than a straightforward street con.


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