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Enn (then) ui Did This


There has been a lot of talk of blogging ennui of late here here and here especially. I found this picture today while actually searching for a person believe it or not. I guess this is what non-bloggers do in their spare time? It is a penny pyramid. A pyramid. Made out of pennies. Pennies painstakingly piled up to form a perfect pyramid. I have to say that would send my ocd tendencies raging. Quite frankly I would rather be blogging about drivel than aligning the 8,500th penny stack while straining my elasticated waistband crimplene trousers. For some reason I assume people who make pyramids out of pennies wear hideous man-made fibre garments. Think of the static with that Axminster. Ouch!

Bored? At a loose end – just go here – drivetime ennui chez Rockmother .

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