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Competition Update: And The Answer Is


that the odd one out was indeed T’Pau because they were only band in that group to integrate the saxophone into their song to worse rather than better effect. Obscure – yes – so sorry. It was originally just going to be a post about how few bands have been able to incorporate the saxophone into popular music to good effect but on an impulsive, uncontrollable whim I turned it into a competition. Well done to Miss Violet who basically guessed it. But seriously, The Blockheads, X-Ray Spex and Iggy and the Stooges all use the saxophone brilliantly within their repertoire where perhaps you would imagine that it really shouldn’t work at all. A tetchy, squealy punctuation that actually becomes the signature of the tune. The difference is that these bands played it punchy whereas T’Pau innapropriately married pop with that smooooth sax sound which just made the song sicklier and over-produced. Don’t get me started on Candy Dulfer! Shouldn’t have been allowed near a brass instrument if you ask me. Ditto Curtis Steigers. George Michael is let off because Careless Whisper is a perfect Greek pop song.

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