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Can You Camp On a Roundabout?

There is a lady that has been camping on our local roundabout for the last few weeks. There was also a group of serious alcoholics that lodge at a halfway house near the roundabout that were also camping there a few months ago. It got a bit messy and they didn’t cope with the rain very well. Finally, their Cath Kidston tent (I know! Such taste!) fell into more and more disarray. I saw one of them helping a completely incapacitated member off the roundabout a few weeks back – maybe back to the shelter of the half-way house? One day it all got cleared away.

But, a big shaven-headed lady is back. Nice blue tent, a hoarde of clothes in piles outside and hanging from the trees. Today I saw a low side-table with a vase of flowers on it and a small toy troll. She was sun-bathing the other day seemingly oblivious to the constant traffic encircling her. I might go down and take photo’s and post them up later. Hopefully she’s not violent or anything!

No one seems to move her on and she isn’t causing any trouble so why should they? I was wondering whether there is some loop-hole in Thatcher’s idiotic ‘travellers can’t stop anywhere ever again ever’ law that means roundabout’s are exempt?

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