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By Request

Simon asked me to put some of my Live Earth pictures up because he likes them. Live Earth is soooo over but here you go anyway. Yes I know I said it would be a bit blogdry around here but I had a spare 20 mins.

Man with bandana on arm

Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands

one two one two – they stole the show in their snappy green sharkskin suits and trademark yapping

big up to the lady riggers!

Kiedis all paper rock-ponchoed up – I was impressed – and he had knee length Mr T style white baseball socks on too…

Metallica – ouija guitar – gimmickrock if you ask me

Simon abusing permanent marker – his personal favourite after Toilet Duck

Oh yesssss! Went over all the 20 year olds heads – we however (the 30/40 brigade) were loving it


Burn baby burn..

Cow – a film about cows bums and pooh and methane and climate change and sphincters

What are you doing down there?

Flesh of Flea – most phwoar!

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